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WEB OF SPIDER-MAN (1985) #84 In the Name of the Rose Part 1 (Of 6), [Fine/VF (7.0)]

WEB OF SPIDER-MAN (1985) #84 In the Name of the Rose Part 1 (Of 6), [Fine/VF (7.0)]

Howard Mackie (Auteur) | Alex Saviuk. Keith Williams (Illustrator) | Alex Saviuk, Eric Larsen (Cover illustrator)
MARVEL COMICS (publicatiejaar 1992)
€ 6,00
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The 6-part Name of the Rose storyline begins! The Rose is back! And he's gunning for the Spectacular Spider-Man again! Or is he after someone else? The web-slinger's adventure starts while Peter and Mary Jane are enjoying dinner at Aunt May's house in Queens. The doorbell rings, and suddenly there are gun-toting hoodlums everywhere! The wall-crawler springs into action to protect his family! And after taking out several thugs and a helicopter too, the amazing one is horrified to think that his secret identity has endangered his loved ones. However, when Mary Jane sees an underworld photo in the Daily Bugle incorrectly credited to Peter, the sobering reality sinks in. The New York mob isn't trying to kill the web-slinger, they want Peter Parker dead! Wow, talk about a killer typo! First appearance of the second Rose (aka Sergeant Blume).

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Jan 1992