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SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED (1993) #3, [VF/NM (9.0)]

SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED (1993) #3, [VF/NM (9.0)]

Tom DeFalco (Auteur) | Ron Lim, Jim Sanders III (Illustrator) | Ron Lim, Jim Sanders III (Cover illustrator)
MARVEL COMICS (publicatiejaar 1993)
€ 5,00
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Peter Parker and Ben Urich investigate a burglary at one of the leading AIDS research facilities in New York City! To the web-slinger's surprise, the thief was none other than Doctor Octopus! Why is the wall-crawler's long-time foe stealing AIDS-infected blood? Is this some new sinister scheme by the super-villain with six arms? When Spider-Man tracks Doc Ock to his underground laboratory, the startling truth is revealed! Could Otto Octavius actually be working on a cure for the deadly AIDS virus?! (Note: This story reveals new details about Dr. Octopus' childhood and adolescent years.) Second Story: "Corona in Captive Fire" Script by Kurt Busiek. Pencils by Aaron Lopresti. Inks by Sam DeLaRosa. Corona is back! Where has she been since Spectacular Spider-Man 176? Apparently she's connected with a criminal organization now! But the web-slinger vows to help her get out of trouble, even if that means teaming up with her arrogant brother Cedric! Cameo appearances by Dr. Henry Pym and the Beast. Third Story: "Ren-Tech's Revenge" Script by Jack C. Harris. Pencils by Jesse Orozco. Inks by Mark Stegbauer. It's the second adventure of Annex!

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Nov 1993