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SPIDER-GIRL (1998) ANNUAL '99, [VF/NM (9.0)]

SPIDER-GIRL (1998) ANNUAL '99, [VF/NM (9.0)]

MARVEL COMICS (publicatiejaar 1999)
€ 4,00
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In our lead tale, the Green Goblin makes his big return as May Parker faces the greatest tragedy of all as Peter and Mary Jane Parker are murdered before her eyes! Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story! In our second adventure, Spider-Girl tangles with an all-star super-villain squad composed of the Green Goblin, the Dragon King, Mr. Nobody, Crazy Eight and Spyral! Warning: this one is a dream, and it's told in the Merry MC2 Manner! Also, a power comparison between Spider-Girl and her pop, the wacky wall-crawler! Plus: take a peek into Mayday's diary as she reflects on her first action-packed year in the spider suit! Still not satisfied? How about the very first appearance of The Buzz, an all-new super-star with direct ties to our young hero?! And last but not least, remember when we previewed all the MC2 books back in Spider-Girl (1998) #0? We're doing it again! That's right, we're publishing the first five pages of each of the two new books that will be added to the MC2 Universe! So who nabbed their own ongoing titles? Find out here! Scripted by Tom DeFalco. Art by Pat Olliffe, Sal Buscema, Paul Ryan, Brett Breeding, Joe Rubinstein and Ron Frenz. Cover by Pat Olliffe and Bill Sienkiewicz.

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