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LUCHAVERSE CATALYST (2024) #2 (Of 3) A-Cover

LUCHAVERSE CATALYST (2024) #2 (Of 3) A-Cover

Lopez, Marco (Auteur) | Caba, Javier (Illustrator) | Tomaselli, Francesco (Cover illustrator)
€ 6,59
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Francesco Tomaselli who has worked with publishers such as Image Comics, BOOM! Studios, Source Point Press, ABLAZE Publishing, Heavy Metal Magazine, Scout Comics and many more. It all starts here with the three-part launch of the epic new shared Luchaverse! The world's most famous luchadores battle in the ring by day, and serve humanity as monster hunters and world protectors by night. In this series, Masked Republic Comics and Massive Publishing bring back the glory and tradition of real-life lucha libre stars in comic books, setting the stage for a new era filled with epic cross-genre action in a shared universe. In this second installment of the epic new shared Luchaverse, Brothers Penta Zero M and Rey Fenix, 'The Lucha Brothers,' have been the sport's dominant tag team for the last decade but success in the ring isn't enough. Looking for more, Penta embarks on a dangerous quest to locate an ancient source of unimaginable power which could change the future of mankind forever! 'Los Cadetes del Espacio' Solar & Super Astro hold the most arcane secrets of The Luchaverse. Seemingly the sole survivors of a centuries-long war, the duo explored the universe only to return to Earth and live as champion luchadores for 50 years. When the Lucha brothers actions cause cosmic repercussions, Solar & Super Astro must suit up once again to protect the cosmos in their greatest fight yet!

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Aug 21, 2024