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JACK KIRBY (2023) GRAPHIC NOVEL The Epic Life of the King of Comics by Tom Scioli

JACK KIRBY (2023) GRAPHIC NOVEL The Epic Life of the King of Comics by Tom Scioli

Tom Scioli (Auteur) | Tom Scioli (Illustrator) | Tom Scioli (Cover illustrator)
TEN SPEED PRESS (publicatiejaar 2023)
€ 23,99
€ 25,29
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The graphic novel biography of Jack Kirby, the legendary "King of Comics" who co-created Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and many more superhero favorites, from groundbreaking Eisner-nominated comics creator Tom Scioli.
This sweeping, full-color comic book biography tells the complete life story of Jack Kirby, co-creator of some of the most enduring superheroes and villains of the twentieth century for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and more. Critically acclaimed graphic novelist Tom Scioli breathes visual life into Kirby's life story--from his days growing up in New York during the Great Depression and discovering a love for science fiction and cartoons to his time on the frontlines in the European theatre of World War II where he experienced the type of action and adventure he'd later imbue his comic pages with, and on to his world-changing collaborations at Marvel with Stan Lee, where the pair redefined comics as a part of pop culture.

Just as every great superhero needs a villain to overcome, Kirby's story also includes his struggles to receive the recognition and compensation that he believed his work deserved. Scioli captures his moves from Marvel to DC and back again, showing how Kirby himself and later his family fought to preserve his artistic legacy.

Drawn from an unparalleled imagination and a life as exciting as his comic book tales, Kirby's super-creations have influenced subsequent generations of creatives in the comics field and beyond. Now, readers can experience the life and times of a comics titan through the medium that made him famous.

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Sep 13, 2023