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FORCE WORKS (1994) #1 Fold-out Pop-up Cover, [Very Fine (8.0)]

FORCE WORKS (1994) #1 Fold-out Pop-up Cover, [Very Fine (8.0)]

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (Auteur) | Tom Tenney, Rey Garcia (Illustrator) | Tom Tenney, Rey Garcia (Cover illustrator)
MARVEL COMICS (publicatiejaar 1994)
€ 4,50
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It's the debut of a new superhero team in the Marvel Universe! Force Works! And this new group sure looks a lot like Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but with a twist! Following the breakup of the West Coast Avengers, Tony Stark decides to form his own team in Southern California and recruits his former teammates to fill the ranks! However one infamous Avengers' legacy will haunt Force Works from the very beginning! As rogue Kree agents still seek vengeance on Wonder Man and the Vision (as a result of Operation Galactic Storm)! When the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man bump into the Vision and Black Widow at their former west coast compound, the Kree terrorists attack en masse! And suddenly Force Works has its first action! The U.S. Agent and Shell-head lead the charge at Palos Verdes, while Wonder Man soars into the stratosphere to knock out the Kree's ion cannon! But something goes horribly wrong in outer space, and the new team cannot celebrate their victory in California. And even less so when the Scatter appear! Who are these bizarre aliens? Apparent death of Wonder Man. First appearance of Century.

[Carefully open the foldout cover to avoid damaging the front cover]

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