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FANTASTIC FOUR (2012) COMPLETE TRADE PAPERBACK SET Set of All 3 Trade Paperbacks by Matt Fraction, [VF/NM (9.0)]

FANTASTIC FOUR (2012) COMPLETE TRADE PAPERBACK SET Set of All 3 Trade Paperbacks by Matt Fraction, [VF/NM (9.0)]

Matt Fraction (Auteur) | Mark Bagley, Various (Illustrator) | Various (Cover illustrator)
MARVEL COMICS (publicatiejaar 2013)
€ 40,00
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Volume 1:
We have seen the future, and it will be fantastic! When Reed and Sue decide the family needs to relax, they take Ben, Johnny and the kids on a year-long vacation - through all of infinite time and space! And in the absence of Marvel's First Family, a handpicked substitute FF - Ant-Man, Medusa, She-Hulk and the new Ms. Thing - stand ready to guard the Earth...for the four minutes the Fantastic Four will be gone. What could possibly go wrong? Find out NOW!, as Reed Richards struggles to hide his true motivations, someone starts having second thoughts (already?), a classic Fantastic Four super villain takes aim at the new FF, and the Future Foundation reacts to their mentors' replacements. Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR (2012) #1-3, FF (2012) #1-2 and material from MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE #1.
Volume 2:
The Fantastic Four's road trip through time and space continues! On an alien world, the team encounters a thousand-year-old prophecy: Is the Invisible Woman a long-awaited intergalactic messiah? Then, the F4 sightsee in ancient Rome and dine with Caesar on the Ides of March. Did somebody say, "Pass the knife"? And it's a visit to both the beginning and the end of time, as Marvel's First Family witnesses the Big Bang and the Big Crunch! But to their surprise, they're not alone! What happens beyond the end of infinite time and space? Plus: One day a year, the Thing reverts to his human form. This year, Ben Grimm is going to go home again - as Ben Grimm! And when there's sibling rivalry between Franklin and Val, all bets are off! Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR (2012) #4-8.
Volume 3:
The Fantastic Four cross time and space to deal with the Council of Dooms, but Mr. Fantastic's sickness has spread to the others - and someone may be behind this plague! The team must mastermind a planetary heist for technology that could save their lives, but they soon find themselves trapped in a desolate universe with a cosmic, power-mad Dr. Doom! Marvel's First Family struggles to stop the molecular plague, but standing between them and the cure is the Frightful Force - an army of their greatest foes led by one of the F4's own! Meanwhile, Dr. Doom, Kang and Annihilus come to an ominous agreement - and to survive, Reed and Sue make a fateful decision that will change the lives of the whole family! Could this be the end of the Fantastic Four? Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR (2012) #9-16.

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