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CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) ANNUAL #13, [VF/NM (9.0)]

CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) ANNUAL #13, [VF/NM (9.0)]

Roy Thomas (Auteur) | Arvell Jones, David Day, Dan Day (Illustrator) | Brian Kong (Cover illustrator)
MARVEL COMICS (publicatiejaar 1994)
€ 4,00
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The Sentinel of Liberty tangles with the Red Skull once again! And the skull's latest caper is to find Hitler's infamous "Der Tag" strongbox! Allegedly the strongbox contains the Third Reich's secret plan to destroy the world in the event the Allies win the second world war! Wow, is that still possible? The sinister skull believes so! And once he recovers the journal of the late Albert Malik (aka the second Red Skull), the fuehrer's former right-hand man closes in on his 50-year old prize! However, the star-spangled avenger is willing to fight his long-time foe from New York City...all the way to Deutschland to stop the dormant dreams of the nazi empire! Can Captain America turn back the Third Reich one more time? Flashback appearances by the Patriot, Spirit of '76, Red Guardian, Captain America of the 50's, Jack Monroe (aka Nomad), Albert Malik, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Electro. The first flashback story recaps how the Red Skull (in 1945 Berlin) originally came into possession of the strongbox, but then lost it when he fell into suspended animation following a battle with Captain America. The second flashback story reveals how Albert Malik several years later invaded the United Nations building along with the Soviet operative Electro and recovered a replica of the strongbox. Second story: "Symbols" Script by Ron Marz. Pencils by Rik Levins. Inks by Ricardo Villagran. Steve Rogers visits the grave of a friend from World War II and prevents three locals from vandalizing it. Third feature: Two-page pin-up of Captain America, Diamondback, the Falcon, Bantam, and Black Panther by M.C. Wyman and Matt Banning. Fourth feature: One-page pin-up of Captain America by John Hebert and Jim Amash. Fifth feature: One-page pin-up of Captain America by Brian Kong and Mike DeCarlo. 64 pages.

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